Now you can design your perfect dress with,
participate to the contest and win it!
Here the rules

Let’s see how design a dream dress with

If you love fashion you know that Miu Miu's swallow print was a major hit.
The whimsical-but-modern motif was so cool, it appeared on Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightley , Lara Stone, Kylie Minogue.

The print works best on simple shapes such as shift dresses or tea dresses. It also works in either monochrome, brights or muted colors, so the style can be adapted to any occasion.
A printed top or dress is perfect for a casual daytime outfit, a swallow print collar will be an evergreen of your wardrobe.

 Let’s see how design an unique swallow print dress with step by step:

1) Go on

2) Don’t miss to check the instructions clicking the video “How does it work?

3) Click on “Design Now” and pick up your Style. I choose Moscow.

4) Choose your neckline

5) Choose your trim

6) Choose your print, clicking “create your print”

7) Change the colors of your print, adapt it like you want

8) Even keep some graphics look smaller

9) Design in 3D the Dress

What do you think about this dress? I love it !

Now you can design your perfect dress with,
participate to the contest and win it!

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