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Nikki Rich  launched the second Fashion Bloggers Contest: THE FASHION CITY CONTEST, for more informations and the official rules visit Nikki Rich's blog.
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Today we talk with Yvette, fashion blogger of District Gal

Hi, tell us a little bit about yourself!
My name is Yvette Cruz and I started fashion blogging for four months. I started my personal blog and now my own website www.districtgal.com.  District Gal in combination with the Facebook group Districtholi was created by a Korean fashion inspired bloggist who loves sharing a sense of metropolican styles tastes, shopping, cafes and lots of stylish global district recommendations.

Describe fashion in the city where you live.
Currently, I'm working and living in Seoul, Korea, but I am from Chicago, IL, USA. I would describe most of the fashion in Korea to be sophisticated and feminine.   Every now and then you can see spunky Kpop fashionistas.  Classic sophisticated fashion is one of my favorite styles in the timeline of fashin history. It brings back the time when woman broke free from corsets, but still remained feminine wearing mini's in the 60's to feminine active wear in the 80's and 90's.  Korean woman will wear high-heels walking on iced sidewalks or even to go hiking mountain.  It's like living in a fashion magazine.  I was astonished the first time I went to a cave in Korea and I couldn't help but notice the Korean woman wearing 4 inch high-heels. Korean woman generally have tube or banana shaped bodies so the fashion here is tailored to Asian body shapes, but their designs can function for most body shapes depending on the look you're going for. I created District Gal to intertwine international brands with a sense of Korean style and to promote Korean and international brands globally.   I launched recently so I hope that I can continue to organically explore my District venture both in Korea and someday, I plan to extend my project in hometown, Chicago.

What do you think is the best piece in the Nikki Rich Fall 2012 Collection?

Two-toned colored knit sweater with a chuky collar, slanted asymetrical front collar neckline make this a winner for me!

Long sleeve, side flap collar, knit sweater.  I love the basic look of this button up knit cradigan with a zipped up back. 

Two-toned colored knit sweater with a chuky collar, slanted asymetrical front collar neckline make this a winner for me!

I like these pieces not only because they are amazing and well designed, but they are the best to represent the fashion spirit in Seou, Korea.  The button up cardigan knit sweater with a zip up back represents the woman who like to be classic but secretly sex..  The chunky knit sweater represents the winter fashion in Seoul for woman who like to look stylish, yet warm.  I would love to share your collection with the Korean fashion  community. 

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