Un matcha frappé por favor for Nikki Rich Fashion City Contest

Natalie, fashion blogger of  Un matcha frappé por favor
Nikki Rich  launched the second Fashion Bloggers Contest: THE FASHION CITY CONTEST, for more informations and the official rules visit Nikki Rich's blog.

Are you ready to go around the world?

Today we talk with Natalie, fashion blogger of Un matcha frappé por favor ! 

Hi, tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hello, my name is Natalie, a spanish blogger. I live in Madrid, capital of Spain, a beautiful city that you will surely love if you come to visit.
Currently I'm studying my last year of Occupational Therapy, a career that has nothing to do with fashion.
It makes me happy to help people who need someone to lend a hand.
Next year my desire is study fashion design, I hope to get to meet this challenge because nothing would make me happier than  work on the two things I love.
I decided to open Un matcha frappe por favor  to share my vision of fashion with others and learn from street style and other bloggers.
The name of my blog comes with passion for a type of Japanese tea (matcha) as similar to my passion for fashion. On  my blog you can find my own outfits, inspiration, nail art, hair styles, streetstyle, DIYs or my own city routes discovering museums, exhibitions, monuments, streets or restaurants that I like.

Describe fashion in the city where you live.

Fashion in Madrid is diversity , you can find a modern style in Fuencarral Sreet , refined and preppy style in Serrano Street  or Vintage Streetstyle in Velarde and Espiritu Santo Street .
Madrid is cosmopolitan, everyone dresses according to their own codes, so it is very important role in the city's streetstyle.

What do you think is the best piece in the Nikki Rich Fall Collection?

The best piece in the collection for me  is Stand Inside ,definitely the incredible scrumptious sweater is the clothing  that any woman can wear and change a boring look with a full one identity. It is a sweater that fits perfectly with the style of the city because it is simple yet graceful, charisma and personality, which is what distinte to Madrid and his fashion of other cities worldwide.

Nikki Rich

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