The Masquerade for Nikki Rich Fashion City Contest

Ginevra, fashion blogger of The Masquerade

Nikki Rich  launched the second Fashion Bloggers Contest: THE FASHION CITY CONTEST, for more informations and the official rules visit Nikki Rich's blog.
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Today we talk with Ginevra, fashion blogger of The Masquerade! 

Hi, tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Ginevra, I am 19 years old and I live in Venice, Italy. I’m studying english and german and I am firmly convinced of the necessity of communicating and sharing experiences because dreaming in two is better than doing it on your own. For me words have a mysterious and restless charm. They are threads of memories and sensations that come out of my fingers and are linked to bizarre puppets of coloured paper, ready to put on the show of my mind. I love the way words curl up, join hands and dance on a white wooden stage, without being afraid of staining it because a bit of colour makes life smile. So i write, when the voice, broken by the shyness, lacks power or when it is so light that flies away at the first blow of the wind, because it is not apt to express emotions that shove each other to take a sit at first row. I listen to the poetry that derives from the sound of the pencil pushed persistently on the sheets of my thousand notebooks but also the one that hides in the swish of the skirts exposed to the air that surrounds us or in those dull noises of heels on the asphalt that break the silence of a city just waken up. The Masquerade, my blog, is born especially from the need of finding someone with whom i can share my passions for fashion and writing, a family. I have chosen this name because I think that fashion itself is a masquerade, in which we don’t have to be afraid of giving ourselves a challenge, being original and emerging from the mass as “different.

Describe fashion in the city where you live.

Venice is a mysterious city: It is full of life, during the day, when you can hear people talking and screaming in our local dialect, the noises of the water which is breaking on the docks and the calls of the seagulls. But when the night comes, silence falls, the streets that we call “calli” become dark and frightening. For this reason fashion in my city has a double nature: more comfortable and apt to everyday life and to the fact that we do not have cars and we have to walk and cross bridges, when the sun is up in the sky; more elegant, polished and unusual during the night, with a strong connection with venetian tradition and ancient history.

What do you think is the best piece in the Nikki Rich Fall Collection?

It’s nearly impossible to find your bearings in Venice. Even for me, despite the fact that I go all over it every day between the university classrooms and the endless “calli” that connect them. Yet, I truly can’t stay away from that magic that characterizes the city, which is itself a labyrinth. That’s why I have chosen two different pieces form Nikki Rich Collection: the first one (Lorena) is more appropriate for a daily walk, while the second one (Southern Oracle), seductive and classy, is perfect for a nightly boat ride or a walk at St. Mark’s Square by the light of the moon. With their geometric pattern, they both represent the complex maze of “calli”, typical of this city on water.
Nikki Rich
Nikki Rich
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