Cinderelas Urbanas for Nikki Rich Fashion City Contest

Margarida, fashion blogger of Cinderelas Urbanas

Nikki Rich  launched the second Fashion Bloggers Contest: THE FASHION CITY CONTEST, for more informations and the official rules visit Nikki Rich's blog.
Are you ready to go around the world?

Today we talk with Margarida, fashion blogger of Cinderelas Urbanas ! 

Hi, tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Margarida, I'm 27,  and I'm a portuguese stylist and fashion blogger at Cinderelas Urbanas (Urban Cinderellas). In my blog I write about what I love, fashion, my inspirations, fashion tips and looks.

Describe fashion in the city where you live.

I live between three different cities: Braga (where I'm from), Porto and Lisbon.  The main difference between them is about climate conditions. Braga and Porto are at north so is more cooler and you have to wear warmer clothes. In Lisbon almost every day you have a sunny day!
And although I'm talking about different places, with different lifestyles and influences there are so many stylish and beautiful people in all these three cities!

What do you think is the best piece in the Nikki Rich Fall Collection?

I choose two pieces from Nikki Rich collection: the warm sweater, that I can use when I'm in Braga or Porto and is really cold outside, and the long dress to use in warmer and sunny days in Lisbon.

Nikki Rich
Nikki Rich
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