Fashion Blogger's Choice: Miss Marbles for Valery Lingerie

Claudia from Miss Marbles was born in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) but she also got french and russian roots. Now She's studying Journalism in Barcelona and she's currently working as a freelance journalist and photography model. 
Today we talk about self confidence, latest fashion's tip and the new F/W Collection by Valery Lingerie, let's start!

Hi Claudia, what's your fashion philosophy?

I do think that less is more, so I never wear a lot of complements, colors and prints at the same time. I don’t think you have to match everything just to show the world that you are stylish and fashionable. I always try to find the perfect balance between naturalness and style.

What are three items you always keep in your purse?

My iPod full of music and battery... I can’t go out of the house without listening to my favorite songs! Mascara and contact lenses are also indispensable to me ;)

What is your number one beauty secret for looking so amazing before a shoot or a fashion event?

I always try to get my hair done... The way my hairs looks is soooo important to me. The rest is simple: just relax, be natural and have fun!

What do you think is the best piece in the newest Valery Lingerie Collection?

I’m obsessed with lingerie, so it has been very difficult to choose only one piece, but I think this one is perfect. 

I love the color (black is my favorite), the transparency details and how freakin’ hot and sexy it looks.

Lingerie must be comfortable or sexy?

Both would be perfect, but it really depends on the occasion. Sometimes you want to look sexy for your boyfriend and you don’t really care about the comfort, but for every day’s life you definetly should wear comfortable lingerie (that it doesn’t mean it has too look bad ;-))

Do you have any advice for girls who need a self-confidence boost?

Not really. I think the key is to learn to love yourself with your virtues and flaws and try to become a better person every day. It’s not about how beautiful your face and body is, it’s about how you are facing life. Optimistic, nice and happy people immediately look gorgeous to everyone’s eyes.

Best advice you've ever gotten?

Fight for what you want and don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Where are you heading next and what can we expect to see in your future?

I’m so lucky to be envolved in some great projects that hopefully will see the light very soon. My blog is growing up and I’m planning to show more to my readers through videos and new blog applications.

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Fashion Blogger's Choice: Miss Marbles for Valery Lingerie

Valery Lingerie F/W 2012/13

Valery Lingerie F/W 2012/13

Valery Lingerie F/W 2012/13

Valery Lingerie F/W 2012/13

Valery Lingerie F/W 2012/13

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