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Romwe little black dress for Valentine’s Day!

Romwe little black dress for Valentine’s Day!
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Little black dress for Valentine’s day

Romwe little black dress for Valentine’s day!
Only $27.99, up to 35%off!  24 hours only on 16th January.
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Messy Fishtail Updo

Amazing Blogger:  Alexandra Rosaria

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Best Make Up for Brunettes

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Best Make Up for Blondes

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Are you sure to wear your suitable colors?

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Braid into Bun - Easy Tutorial

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What would you wear on a night out to a Casino

Choosing suitable attire for any night out can be tricky – not only in terms of abiding by dress codes, but also in getting the right tone and style for the kind of company you’ll be in. So when you plan a night out to casino, it’s generally advisable that you err on the side of smart.

Most UK casinos do have very casual dress codes, with a lot of leeway for different styles. Smart casual will generally be the informal guideline, and this usually means a pair of shoes is a necessity.  With fashions becoming much more diverse than say 20 years ago, one person’s view of ‘smart’ may differ greatly from the next, but most casinos will reserve the right to deny access to people unsuitably dressed.
In the bigger more traditional European casinos such as the Monte Carlo Casino, you’d be well advised to dress up much more than in the UK.  The Casino de Monte Carlo specifically states that ‘correct dress’ is mandatory, and a jacket is recommended after 8pm in the private gaming rooms.
Correct dress is obviously open to interpretation and the casino obviously isn’t being so presumptuous as to outwardly state what that is. A pair of shoes, trousers rather than jeans, and possibly a jacket and tie would be appropriate.  
When attending a casino, you should also consider the other patrons and what is respectful to the general atmosphere of the evening. Obviously turning up in a pair of shorts would kill the atmosphere a bit in such lavish surroundings.

Then there’s somewhere like Vegas where dress codes don’t really seem to apply at all.  Vegas is a mass tourist industry and the clientele ranges from people passing through to genuine gamblers, so the establishments aren’t too fussy when it comes to suitable attire you can wear almost the same as if you were playing at an online casino at home . 
In short, judge the casino, the time of your visit, the types of games you’ll be playing, the company you’ll be in, and dress accordingly.


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