District Gal DIY - How to Wear Your Trench Coats

My name is Yvette Cruz and I from Chicago, IL,. but currently living overseas in Seoul, Korea.  I am here in Seoul following my love for life, travel, and fashion.  Thank you Social Wardrobe for featuring District Gal personal style!

In Korea, the trench coast is one of the most popular fall fashion items.  I used to think of trenches as one of those "sneaky" kind of coats.  These days, especially with the military-look trending, the Trench Coat is a must-have.  It's a timeless piece and it's perfectly easy and simple to upgrade any outfit.

I decided to go bold. The black sleeves and the beige block of color trench gives it that official sexy appeal.  The cape comes off leaving me with two pieces: a vest I wear over my blouses, and a cropped jacket I wear with thin sweaters.  I get hot easily in fall since I spend a lot of time indoors on the subway and at work all day.  Unexpected fashion surprises like these are great aren't they? 

The shiny blue trench coat is perfect for dressier occasions, yet the navy blue color makes it a classic staple in my closet.  It's still a go-to piece for my everyday outfits or for work during fall.  

Personally, I love it when you get so much more than what you paid for.  I like to make smart fashion choices and stylish use out of every piece in my closet.  You don't have to spend a ton money to be chic.  Try experimenting with your wardrobe, you might surprise yourself!

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Photos by Seungha Paik

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