Fashion Bloggers Trends: Galaxy Print

  1. >> Galaxy Litas
  2. >> Galaxy Underwear
  3. >> Galaxy Playsuit
  4. >> Galaxy Leggings
  5. >> Galaxy Shirt
  6. >> Galaxy Skirt
  7. >> Galaxy Cat Mug

Galaxy Trend

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Kayture looks beautiful in this Inlovewithfashion pleated skirt, 
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Fashion Bloggers: Outfit of the Day

Fanny Lyckman street style: pants from shirt from cubus, shoes and jacket from, bag from HongKong, and sunnies from Le Specs.

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Fashion Blogger's Choice: In A Blonde World for Valery Lingerie

Thekla created "In a Blonde World" primarily as a result of the inspiration the fashion world has offered her, aiming to form unique outfits hoping to inspire people who share the same love for fashion as she does. 

Today we talk with Thekla about self confidence, latest fashion's tip and the new F/W Collection by Valery Lingerie, let's start!

Hi Thekla, what's your fashion philosophy?
Fashion is an endless journey with it’s ups and downs, with different trends creating a whole new exciting world. Fashion changes every now and than, each one of us can follow fashion trends/setters but never change our style. Because style is the one that remains true and is what makes us unique.

I follow this quote “ Fashion fades, only style remains the same”-Coco Chanel.

What are three items you always keep in your purse?

My i-phone (to take quick snapshots), my chanel rouge lipstick, my diary to write down any ideas/inspirations and capture any moment by drawing a quick sketch.

What is your number one beauty secret for looking so amazing before a shoot or a fashion event?
Self-confidence maybe? You should try to say to yourself that you look good and go out there and show it to the world. The way we feel is reflected on our face that’s what I realized!

What do you think is the best piece in the newest Valery Lingerie Collection?

Well that’s a difficult question as I’m in love with almost every little thing of Valery’s lingerie. One of my favorite are her corsets, always been a fan of corsets as I believe femininity and corsets go together. They make a woman look sexy and enhance her body shape.

Valery Lingerie F/W 2012/13 Collection

Lingerie must be comfortable or sexy?
Comfy can always wait, though if you buy lingerie from a good brand such as Valery both of comfy and sexy go together, quality matters!

Do you have any advice for girls who need a self-confidence boost?
We are all unique each one of us in a different way, learn to love yourself and try not to think what you don’t like on you and try to see the good parts on you and this will be the key for self-boosting right away!

Best advice you've ever gotten?
“Follow your dreams and always be true never change who you are for anyone and for anything” my role model (my mum) always said that to me.

Where are you heading next and what can we expect to see in your future?
At the moment I love what I am doing, fashion blogging and studying at the same time Interior Design, which I always try to link them together, however in the near future I would like to work in both sectors fashion/architecture (fashion is architecture as Coco Chanel once said right?) as I cannot survive without them (loves of my life), however I am a great believer of destiny so whatever is mean to be will be !

 Keep in touch:
Thekla on Facebook, Instagram @inablondeworld & Blog
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Fashion Blogger's Choice: In A Blonde World for Valery Lingerie

Valery Lingerie F/W 2012/13 Collection
Valery Lingerie F/W 2012/12 Collection 
Valery Lingerie F/W 2012/13 Collection
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Christmas party fashion: the same-dress dilemma

Christmas party blunders can come in a whole variety of guises, from getting off with the host’s husband to throwing up in her best vase. But, as revealed by the results of a recent survey of women aged 20-30, carried out by leading online fashion retailer, there's one thing that all women fear: the same-dress catastrophe. 

Bar Refaeli & Megan Fox

Over half of women said that bumping into someone at a Christmas bash who's dressed in an identical outfit would be the ultimate social embarrassment. Megan Fox and Miley Cyrus are just one pair of celebs who have turned up at posh Hollywood events wearing matching frocks. But whereas the professionals more often than not simply cuddle up and strike a pose on the red carpet, it’s not quite so easy to see the funny side knowing you may have to face the person in question in the supermarket the following weekend. With a quarter of those questioned also admitting to spending days tracking down perfect party dresses, it’s easy to see why they might find this scenario so upsetting.

One way to avoid such social faux pas is to try to stand out from the crowd. Although many of the women surveyed did appear to share similar fashion tastes – with 6 in 10 favouring midi-length dresses over minis and maxis and the same proportion citing a pair of killer heels as their ultimate Christmas accessory – there are many easy ways to make a statement. Liven up a simple black dress with flashes of bright and beautiful accessories, or wear red or a statement print rather than classic black to really make a splash. 

Luckily, the fear of coming face to face with an identical dress twin at a party doesn’t seem to be too much of a deal-breaker. A very respectable 6 out of 10 claim that getting dressed to impress is a key part of the fun of going out, with a similar number even willing to run a similar risk in the future by recycling an old outfit. If the worst does happen, there's no need to either fight or take flight. Just smile sweetly, safe in the knowledge of being one of two people united by good taste.

Which is a lot more than can be said for those favouring the elf ears and Santa hats… 

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Street Style Report: Kendall Jenner - How to wear like

Kim Kardashian's little sister Kendall Jenner is the New Cover Girl of Miss Vogue Australia.
She's gorgeous! She's jus 17 years old but she's a great sense of style.
What's in her wardrobe?
Skinny Jeans and leggings, ankle boots, fringed backpack and handbags, cream sweaters, ethnic details, shorts, moto jackets... an amazing closet, don't you think?

  1. >> Neon Skinny Jeans
  2. >> Skinny Black and Oxblood
  3. >> Moto Jacket
  4. >> Fringed Backpack
  5. >> Peplum Oxblood Skirt
  6. >> Fringed Boots
  7. >> Cream Sweater
  8. >> Fringed Bag
  9. >> Ethnic Sweater


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The Little Dictionary Of Fashion by Christian Dior

Christian Dior spills his style secrets in this super cute handbook that covers everything from high heels and hats to leopard prints and perfume. 
The icon's expertise ensures every gal will know the three fundamentals of fashion: simplicity, grooming, and good taste
Illustrated with black and white photography and sketches of vintage Dior, this classic guide is a must-have for high fashion fiends!
You can shop it here for 25$! 

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Christian Louboutin's Christmas Tree

I want it in my home for Christmas!

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Fashion Bloggers: Outfit of the Day

Anouska Proetta Brandon in “Rustic Denim” wearing Guess ‘Brittney’ skinny leggings, Topshop shirt, Markberg Accessories handbag, and Office shoes.

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Fashion Bloggers Trends: In Our Closet

Fashion Bloggers love 
Visit the online store and find the welcome 20% OFF Coupon on your firts order.



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British Fashion Awards: Cara Delevingne is the Model of the Year

Cara Delevingne Wins Model Of The Year, we want celebrate her victory with this funny video and one of her most beautiful Fashion Editorial.

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