Fashion Blogger's Choice: LaDyBe Glam for Valery Lingerie

LadyBe Glam
Today we talk with Elena, the wonderful fashion blogger of  LaDyBe Glam, about self confidence, latest fashion's tip and the Collections by Valery Lingerie, let's start!

Hi Elena, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm Elena and live in  Rome, I'm an actress and a blogger. I'm not a fashion victim, I use my blog for fun and find new ideas, hoping to share my love of fashion with the world!

What's your fashion philosophy? 
My philosophy is the "right cost": how to buy beautiful things cheaply without sacrificing quality.

What are three items you always keep in your purse? 
My iPhone, my Mac lipstick and a lot of useless things!

What is your number one beauty secret for looking so amazing before a shoot or a fashion event? 
I sleep a lot if I can and I have a trick: I use my clip hair extension to have incredible hair!

What do you think is the best piece in the valery Shop?
I love chic lingerie and I don't wear only black color, this in the picture is my favorite look!

Valery Lingerie
Lingerie must be confortable or sexy?
First comfortable but also sexy! If you are calm and happy you feel sexy inside!

Do you have any advice for girls who need a self-confidence boost?
Even the most beautiful women are insecure, the fraily woman in history for example was Marilyn Monroe ... and she was considered the most beautiful star in the world. Then you have to know your defects and love them, because they make you unique.

What your favourite swimwear style? A trend for the next summer?
I love cut out swimwear, but they are sounconfortable to take sun! Next summer? Keep in touch with my blog ;)

Where are you heading next and what can we expect to see in your future?
I'll continue with my blog and I will update me more and more, and then I'd like to do an experience as a sales in showroom in. Project brief: my usual fashion catwalk that I organize in Rome for the young Italian stylist.

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Elena's favorite items from Valery Lingerie

Fashion Blogger's Choice: LaDyBe Glam for Valery Lingerie

Valery Prestige
Valery Lingerie
Valery Lingerie
Valery Prestige
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