Fashion Blogger's Choice: Not Your Average Style Fix for Valery Lingerie

Athina from Not Your Average Style Fix

Athina, 22, from Not Your Average Style Fix, born in Athens, Greece. Studied Economics and Government in London, where she now lives, works and blogs from.

Today we talk with Athina about self confidence, latest fashion's tip and the new F/W Collection by Valery Lingerie, let's start!

What's your fashion philosophy?

Challenge yourself by trying new things and styles. Lack of time often leads women to have a routine dressing style which they repeat over and over. My fashion philosophy is: Leave your comfort zone behind, use your imagination and spice things up! 

What are three items you always keep in your purse?

My Iphone-with the charger to be safe-I simply can't live without it.

A natural shade lipstick (in case I forget to bring a matching one)

Sunglasses, often more than one pair!

What is your number one beauty secret for looking so amazing before a shoot or a fashion event? 

Sleep. I really can't stress this enough: sleep is your best friend and your worst enemy, never underestimate it!

What do you think is the best piece in the newest Valery Lingerie Collection?
I love the whole collection but this would be my first choice.

Lingerie must be comfortable or sexy?
It doesn't have to be the one or the other. Confortable or sexy, lingerie must be the first thing to make you smile at your reflection in the morning!

Do you have any advice for girls who need a self-confidence boost?
Don't overthink. Open your closet and wear whatever makes you happy. Never worry about overdressing or what people may think. If it makes you feel good about yourself, then it's the right choice.

Best advice you've ever gotten?
To be original and hard-working. Nobody ever got anywhere by lacking one quality or the other.

Where are you heading next and what can we expect to see in your future?
I will keep blogging from Not Your Average Style Fix  where I share my personal style and where all my  imagination and inspiration comes to life. Stick around, cause there are a lot of exciting things coming this year!

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Fashion Blogger's Choice: Your Average Style Fix for Valery Lingerie

Fashion Blogger's Choice: Your Average Style Fix for Valery Lingerie

Valery Lingerie F/W Collection 2012/13
Valery Lingerie F/W Collection 2012/13
Rosapois F/W Collection 2012/13 
Rosapois F/W Collection 2012/13 
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