Fashion Bloggers Guide to Shopping: BLQInk Handmade

If you are looking for a unique accessory and a unique design, read this article, you will discover a very creative designer.
A few weeks ago I was contacted by BLQInk Handmade for a collaboration, and I accepted with great pleasure!
The accessory that immediately caught my attention was the Women's Leather Neckette, I've always loved leather accessories, they transform any outfit adding a sophisticated and rock allure. The Leather Neckette is unique, wraps around the neck and fastens with two small clips.

I tried to wear it on a dress, and a sleeveless top, the results were impressive!
Each product is hand-made and there will never be another like it on earth. 
The accessory is available in 7 different colors: Black, Brown, Wine Red, Mauve / Purple, Khaki, cream, Caramel / Tan, thus adapting to any kind of outfits and hair color.

What do you think?
Find it at BLQInk Shop on etsy.

Se siete alla ricerca di un accessorio unico e dal design particolare leggete questo articolo, scoprirete una designer di grande creatività.
Qualche settimana fa sono stata contattata da BLQInk Handmade per una collaborazione, che ho accettato con molto piacere! 
L'accessorio che immediatamente ha catturato la mia attenzione è stato il Leather Neckette, ho sempre amato gli accessori in pelle, essi trasformano qualsiasi outfit,  aggiungendo un'allure rock sofisticata.
Il Leather Neckette è davvero unico, avvolge tutto il collo, e si fissa con due piccole clip. 
Ho provato ad indossarlo su un vestito, e su un top senza maniche, il risutato è stato di grande effetto.
Ogni prodotto è realizzato a mano e non ce ne sarà mai un altro uguale sulla terra. L'accessorio è disponibile in 7 colori differenti: Nero , Marrone, 
Wine Red, Mauve/ Purple, Khaki, cream, Caramel/Tan, adattandosi così a qualsiasi tipo di outfit e colore di capelli. 

Che ve pare? 

Lo trovate in vendita qui su etsy: BLQInk Shop

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Fashion Bloggers Guide to Shopping: GET $20 Credit at #Savous

Venice Lookbook
                  I love scouring the Net for hidden fashion gems - especially sporty and cute clothes. 
                         So I've decided to share with you one of my favorite e store:

Before telling you about this shop I'd like to announce a great initiative: 
Savous is  giving loyal customers and new customers $20 credit. 
Sign up before the 31 (credit expire in 2 weeks).

Founded in 2012, by a fashion crazed individual who wanted to make the world of fashion a different place by proving that it’s possible to be up to date with the of the moment trends without spending your whole month's wage on one garment. This was the intentional concept for a SaVous girl.

SaVous buyers search all over the world for the coolest inspirations and killer garments so that our customer can get what she is looking for at the same place without having to shop at several destinations. 

SaVous - Fashion Bloggers Review 
This international store offers a great array of fashion items: dresses, jewerly, bags.

Excelent website, with 2-4  pictures per items and detailed description. 
You can browse by , Categories, New arrivals, Flirty under $30 and Sale. Costumers are also allowed to post a review of their shopping experience. Pricing is in Dollar, but the website has a currency converter. 
You can find the lastest trends on Savous official blog here.

They take paypal and credit card payment. 

Free Shipping on US orders of $50 or more. More Info.

Really quality products with great style. I really love them.

Keep in Touch
( don't forget to tag your purchase #SaVous )

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