What to Wear on a Night out to a Casino

If casinos are an unfamiliar territory for you and the only time you have played roulette is at an online casino, you might be wondering what is appropriate clothing to wear on a night out at one. Are you going on a date or are you just going out with a group of your friends? If it is the latter then you will need to be a bit careful especially if you are thinking about a hen party. 

Casinos tend to be fairly staid institutions and are unlikely to welcome a bevy of girls who are more than just a little intoxicated. What kind of casino will you be visiting? Most casinos that have any kind of dress code suggest that you should wear smart casual, but that is such an all encompassing category that it is essentially meaningless. Even the top Mayfair casinos have a smart casual dress code, but if you are fortunate enough to have been asked out on a date to one of them, then expect the interpretation of smart casual to be somewhat more exclusive than the interpretation you will find at your local high street or downtown casino. 
It is not unusual for some high rolling casinos to stage black tie evening, so if you are attending one of those then your date will be sporting a tuxedo, so it is very important that you dress the part too. 

Expect to see many of the ladies taking the opportunity to wear an evening dress, and certainly you wouldn’t be out of place it you did so too. Perhaps this is an ideal opportunity to go really up market and think haute couture, after all it could prove an investment if you have your eyes set on a four carat diamond engagement ring. Alternately however, if you’re not confident to face the pressure within a casino environment then by all means grab your phone and you will find that even an iphone casino actually exists! 

Enjoy yourself and if you are stuck for inspiration then how about this classic designer evening dress which should certainly turn a few heads.

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