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Today we meet the fab Nilu, blogger of

Hi Nilu, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'd like to describe myself as dreamy, dramatic, impulsive and a lipstick lover. I like all things colorful, printed, chic and preppy and when I want something done I don't believe in wasting time to give a second thought to it and that's what lead me to write and post at BIG hair LOUD mouth. 

What's your fashion philosophy? 
I like to be updated on the current trends but I do not like to go overboard to try out outfits that doesn't describe me whether they are in vogue or not. I feel, we need to dress in a way that makes us feel good about ourselves, that describes us by the way we style the outfit and we should always wear something that we are able to carry off well. In short,I believe that being confident in an outfit and carrying it off well is the main key to being stylish. 

What's your favorite trend for the next winter?
I've a weakness for long coats and I see long coats ruling the winters in different shapes and patterns and cuts. 

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