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Louie, fashion blogger of Rock'n Couture

Nikki Rich  launched the second Fashion Bloggers Contest: THE FASHION CITY CONTEST, for more informations and the official rules visit Nikki Rich's blog.
Are you ready to go around the world?

Today we talk with Louie, fashion blogger of Rock'n Couture! 

Hi, tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi, My name is Louie, I'm born in Japan but raised in hong kong. I grew up speaking english, french and japanese and playing violin. Style, has been always in my life, my mum and my grandma used to always dress me and little by little I learned to choose my own style, and clothes. Offcourse, my familly influenced me alot stylewise, since my grandma's a painter/designer and my mum a musician and an artist. My blog focuses on "Inspirations..." I know its very vague, but as an artist myself, I feel like the most important thing in life is "inspirations". I usually share my daily outfits, occational recipes, and nail art posts. I live on a small island, not so far from the main hk island. Wich is why I have a lot of nature, in my posts.

Describe fashion in the city where you live.

The city I live in is very flowy. I would describe it as a pond with all kind of fishes in it, you can dress however you want and never get judged, or criticize, its also a city of many pollutions and finacial stress. The fashion is very Wide ranged, but at the same time, very uniform. Most buisness women dress head to toe in black, and young girls are influenced by the japanese kawaii kind of style. (floral, lace, pastels.. cute bows) Witch is very funny because it is also very different from the style in japan.

What do you think is the best piece in the Nikki Rich Fall Collection?

My favourite piece in the nickki rich fall 2012 collection is the southern oracle dress. I think the print really represent the modern financial city and at the same time shows the oriental history. Wich is what I think a lot of hong kong fashionistas are trying to achieve.

Nikki Rich
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