Street Style Report: Kendall Jenner - How to wear like

Kim Kardashian's little sister Kendall Jenner is the New Cover Girl of Miss Vogue Australia.
She's gorgeous! She's jus 17 years old but she's a great sense of style.
What's in her wardrobe?
Skinny Jeans and leggings, ankle boots, fringed backpack and handbags, cream sweaters, ethnic details, shorts, moto jackets... an amazing closet, don't you think?

  1. >> Neon Skinny Jeans
  2. >> Skinny Black and Oxblood
  3. >> Moto Jacket
  4. >> Fringed Backpack
  5. >> Peplum Oxblood Skirt
  6. >> Fringed Boots
  7. >> Cream Sweater
  8. >> Fringed Bag
  9. >> Ethnic Sweater


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