Fashion Blogger's Choice: Always Different for Valery Lingerie

Kimberley is a dutch blondie, grown up in the city of design Barcelona, graduated for fashion marketing and communication in 2011 and currently working on the blog which includes all her personal style, fashion week stories and inspirations.
Today we talk about self confidence, latest fashion's tip and the new F/W Collection by Valery Lingerie, let's start!

What's your fashion philosophy?
Just do it, just wear something you wanna wear, donʼt care if other people think itʼs weird, ugly or stupid, as long as you like it, wear it!

What are three items you always keep in your purse?
My earphones cause I love the feeling when walking through the streets with my music on, in my own little world, just me, myself and I.
The second thing I always take are my business cards, I just made new ones and I get such a happy feeling when I see the cards plus I wanna let the whole world know who I am! 
The third thing I always take with me is my polaroid camera which I just started using a few days ago, just capture cool people, amazing buildings and everything that means something to me.

What is your number one beauty secret for looking so amazing before a shoot or a fashion event?
Being confident, although itʼs hard sometimes to feel beautiful during a shoot or a event, just believe in who you are and how good you are looking today/tonight!

What do you think is the best piece in the newest Valery Lingerie Collection?

OMG, I have a obsession for lingerie, especially bodies, I have to confess, I cannot walk out of a lingerie store without buying a body! Plus sixties inspired lingerie, especially high waisted panties, Iʼm a curvy women and high waisted panties just looks sooo much more sexy! So one of my favourites pieces from the Valery lingerie collection is the black bra with the sexy high waisted panties, I would soooo wear this on a date with my boyfriend.

Lingerie must be comfortable or sexy?
Lingerie must definitely be sexy, cause when you feel sexy, you feel comfortable, at least in my world, especially when you are wearing a bra that is see-through during a dinner with you boyfriend, flirting in the club or just when you are looking to yourself in the mirror!

Do you have any advice for girls who need a self-confidence boost?
Remember we are all insecure, we all have our days that we think our butt looks big or our boobs are to small, even the prettiest, sexiest, smartest girl in the world do! And somewhere out there in the world, is the perfect guy/girl who accepts us for how we are!

Best advice you've ever gotten?
Actually I donʼt really follow advices cause I believe that we need to figure it out ourself, we need to figure out how to handle our body and mind. Just do what feelʼs good for you!

Where are you heading next and what can we expect to see in your future?
Continue blogging on, currently Iʼm working on some new exciting projects including videos which make me very excited! For the future, hopefully my whole life will change in the beginning of 2013, more about it on my blog!

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Fashion Blogger's Choice: Always Different for Valery Lingerie

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