DIY TIPS: Transform me into Serena Van Der Woodsen - Gossip Girl

I love the show Gossip Girl and everyone knows the main reason why I love the show so much is because of the fashion! When I first started watching, I feel in love with Blair and her ultra feminine and classy style but upon watching the most recent season of the show, Serena Van Der Woodsen has stolen my fashion heart! I love her style this season! 
The bright colors and almost boho style really suit Blake Lively's body! Don't get me wrong, Blair's clothing still makes me drool with envy but Serena has such a vibrant and youthful feel to her clothes! They're fun! And what's more fun then fashion?
While Blair Waldorf has her headbands her best friend Serena Van Der Woodsen has her wonderful dresses.

Today I wanna give you some diy tips to turn yourself into "Miss Serena Van Der Woodsen "!
Get inspired! 

Let's start with her stunning closet.

Romantic Outfit, find all items here.

Inspiration: Serena Van Der Woodsen

Sporty Style, find all the items here.

Inspiration: Serena Van Der Woodsen

Inspiration: Serena Van Der Woodsen

Inspiration: Serena Van Der Woodsen

Inspiration: Serena Van Der Woodsen

Inspiration: Serena Van Der Woodsen

Some tips to remember:

1) Dresses: Serena usually wears skin tight and short dresses at daytime. She combines them with accessories, vests, belts and big bags.

2) Must Have Accessories: Designer maxi bags, Layered Necklaces and Bangles

3) Skinny Jeans: look like Serena putting a skinny jeans on and sexy heels or booties.

4) Blazers: Serena loves all kinds of blazers & jackets, especially colorfull and sparkly ones.

5) Skirts: Serena wears different styles. It can be printed, leather, sequin or classic. She wears long, maxi or short skirts everywhere!

Let's continue with Serena's hairstyles:

Long, wavy, highlighted-blonde hair is definitely Serena Van Der Woodsen’s signature look, she loves ponytails, braids or side braided hair.

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Hairstyles and Make up, some video-tutorials 

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Happiness Everywhere♥ ha detto...

Interesting! I love Serena :)

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what amazing collection! wow! i love you blog!i invite you to mine, to know what do you think about mine! i would be happy! can you?
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kashara♥ ha detto...

these are really great looks:) I really like this post.

Anonimo ha detto...

If you like her so much this post may help you/ you might like it(:

S. ha detto...

Serena is so amazing!

Unknown ha detto...

great post! i def suffer from serena envy :) just did 2 tutorials for 2 gossip girl necklaces on my DIY site :)

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