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Transitioning Your Styles For Day & Night

How many times have you packed an extra bag with a nighttime ensemble? Don't you hate having to rush home to change after
your friend facebooked you last minute to invite you to an after work cocktail mixer? Or even worse you don't have time to go
home and change and you are just not wearing a chic cocktail outfit! Well Revelation by ME strives to bring you day to night
transitional apparel for all these reasons and more. We believe that all you busy women on the go should be able to go from day
to night events without having to carry a second closet in your cars or tote bags! One night as I watched the Kardashians' and
admire their fabulous style I found myself thinking.....Ohhhh I never thought of pair those two pieces together and HEY!!! I have
a day dress and a blazer that I can wear together, just like Kim is wearing! At the end of the show I realized that even being a
designer who is up with all the latest trends and breathes fashion on a daily basis I too have trouble pairing up my pieces to
create different looks and this inspired me to write this entry. Myrda and I design our styles to give you flexibility to transition your
looks with ease and I hope you find this inspiring and helpful when putting together your own day and night looks.

Classic Dress Day Look

When you are out shopping or enjoying Sunday brunch! Grab your fitted denim jacket and wear it with the Evelyn to achieve
a classic day dress look. Pull a textured cuff from your jewelry box, like the leather blue watch shown below to complete
your look!  Finally pair it with a comfy wedge, my favorite choice, or with a strappy sandal.

Date Night Trendy Look

You are excited about date night or that after work dinner at the newest tapas lounge. You have your Little Black Evelyn on and
you are wearing your awesome heels and a your chic cover up! To transition the Evelyn to a night look simply slip off your cover
up drop and drape the comfortable dress below your shoulders and you are ready to go! Baring a bit of shoulder skin turns this
chic everyday dress to a sexy LBD! A bold, chunky accessory like the cuff shown below always adds a bit of trend and personal
style to your outfit. Since the dress is simple with clean lines opt for textures or pops of bold color in your accessory pieces.
Remember the inspiration you see here can be applied to your entire closet! Have fun and enjoy dressing up in the am,
after you've hit snooze a few times of course!

Eloisa Serrano

Revelation by ME
275 Fifth Street, Suite # 301
San Francisco, CA 94103-4120

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